Lot of 9 Size XL Women’s Clothing Lot…Deal #31

Hi, we have found another lot that would go great with your fall/winter wardrobe. There is a total of 9 pieces in this lot all size extra-large. The owner listed these pieces as pre-owned. However, keep reading and you will see why we decided to blog about this lot.

What’s In This Lot?

There is a hoodie, dress as well as multiple tops and Sweaters in this lot. This lot features multiple colors, patterns as swell as closures (button/zip).

Is The Seller Trust Worthy?

This seller has a 99.1 positive feed back rating. Over the course of 12 months this seller has received 108 positive feedback, one neutral and one negative. This seller’s account has been around since February 21, 2001. With that being said, this seller seems to be taking care of his/her customers to the best of his/her ability. If you have doubt anyway, just remember you are covered under the eBay money back guarantee policy.

What Is The Price?

The price of this 9-piece lot is $34.99 + $11.60. The seller gives his/her potential customer the option to use the Make Offer feature. So, you can/will get a great deal if you negotiate a fair offer. $34.99 or 3.89 per piece is a great deal. A deal you might not find anywhere. Also keep in mind you have the option to use the Make Offer feature to get this set at a lower rate.

Where Do I Go To Purchase This Lot?

If you are interested in this lot you can CLICK HERE to go purchase.


When purchasing on eBay and other major retail/auction sites we highly recommend reading the sellers’ descriptions in full before purchasing any item. Each seller may have their own rules/regulation when committing to buy from them. For example, some may offer free returns no matter what the issue might be or a seller might not accept returns (depending on what the issue is eBay could over through the no returns accepted rule). Please use your best judgment when purchasing. Our passion is to assist those who don’t have the time to shop around for the best online deals. We are not affiliated with any company/seller mention in any of these posts. If this ever becomes the case, we will mention it in that post. Any items/deals from our eBay Store or Website will be mentioned in the description with a link to the tab or page.

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