Grab Box For Baby/Toddler Clothing/Toys …Deal # 26

If you are or know someone expecting a baby then you could be in the right place. We have found an amazing deal! This deal consists of a grab box containing baby/toddler clothes and toys!

What Exactly Is In The Box?

According to the seller’s description, each box will contain clothes and toys. The sizes available range from 0 to 24 months. The seller also stated they have more 18-24-month stuff. Also notated in the seller’s description, some of the clothing and toys might be lightly used and some will be new! However, the condition is marked new, I am not sure if all or majority will be new. I recommend checking this out before purchasing.  

We believe you will need to contact the seller and let them know the sizes and clothing type (gender wise) at the time of checking out in the “message to seller” box. Overall, choosing to purchase in bulk could ultimately save you a boat load of money in the long run.

How Much Are These Grab Boxes Going For?

These boxes are priced at $33.00. Shipping will be standard and is $6.00. You have the option to use the “Make Offer” feature enabling you to get this box at an even cheaper rate.

Is The Seller Trustworthy?

The seller has 34 out of 34 positive feedbacks. We can’t say they have a 100% positive feedback rating because eBay’s calculations involve the seller receiving 10 detailed ratings over the course of 12 consecutive months. The number of positive feedbacks shouldn’t affect your decision to purchase from a particular seller because a lot people don’t leave feedback. We think it all boils down to how old the seller’s account is, the number of negative feedbacks and how recent those negative feedbacks are.

What Is The Link To This Listing?

If you are interested in purchasing this lot CLICK HERE! Don’t forget to tell the seller what sizes and gender type you will need in the message box during checkout.  Always read the seller’s description before committing to buy.


When purchasing on eBay and other major retail/auction sites we highly recommend reading the sellers’ descriptions in full before purchasing any item. Each seller may have their own rules/regulation when committing to buy from them. For example, some may offer free returns no matter what the issue might be or a seller might not accept returns (depending on what the issue is eBay could over through the no returns accepted rule). Please use your best judgment when purchasing. Our passion is to assist those who don’t have the time to shop around for the best online deals. We are not affiliated with any company/seller mention in any of these posts. If this ever becomes the case, we will mention it in that post. Any items/deals from our eBay Store or Website will be mentioned in the description with a link to the tab or page.

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